❌⭕️❌⭕️ Oooh!!! Can’t “Heart❤️Ly” wait for Valentine’s Day!!! 😍

Show some L❤️VE to a “Smoothie” Operator! 🎼🎵Singing: 🎶 “A SmoOoOOoo-thie Oper- ra -tor!!!”🎶

🛑Stop by your nearest JAMBA JUICE… and delight your tastebuds with a refreshing… and fruity 🍒🍎🍑🍉🍓🍊🍇🍋🍍drink! 

Save $3 Off Your Next Purchase
when you Join Jamba Insider Rewards

Receive Free Smoothie when you Buy a $25 Gift Card

Cool it now…before the night heats up!!!! 🔥

Need a gift to spice up this Valentine’s Day?  

Ignite the spark…. and get ~fierce & fiery~ 🔥with VICTORIA’S SECRET… Shhhh!!! Keep your ROMANCE  private…😌 but Hot!!!! 💋 

Get a FREE sweetheart kimono when you buy 2 bras!


Online Code: SWEETHEART 

Exp: 02/10/2017

Touch some 💕 hearts… with cards!
Any place store selling greetings cards will have exactly what you need… sentimental cards… humorous ones… and those with extraordinary designs…

It’s the “wording” that truly inspires the heart! ❤️

The best selection of cards are produced by: American Greetings, Mahogany Cards, Galison, Recycled PaperGreetings, Minted, Blue Mountain…..

✨HALLMARK✨ still rules supreme in the Greeting Card Kingdom! 

….and can I also remind you…. that they have some of the BEST 💑romantic movies 🎥 on 📺 television during the February sweeps period…–Valentine’s Day… Christmas…and several other Holidays/special occasions

Want to make SURE the special people in your life Get the MEMO 📩 that they are a TRULY LOVED!!! 😘

How about “Kind Notes!” 💌
A perfect keepsake for your special someone for that warm rush of romance! 

It’s a decorated glass jar filled with 31 individual love notes, sealed in a cream linen cardstock envelope…with heart patterns in shades of red and pink. 💗

Messages can be inspirational, hopeful or simply a celebration of love to make them feel extra special. 


And now… for more “notes” to keep in mind…. ❤️ These are Super cute! –An offer you can’t refuse…

**Free Printable*** Valentine’s Cards
at http://www.junelily.com

This is FUN!!! Valentine’s Bingo… Download it “FREE” at:



These printable valentine bingo cards make a quick Valentine’s Day game to kick off date night… a nice ice breaker at a party, group, or home with the family.

You’ll love how easy it is to put together!  Just download and print… regular sheets of paper are fine… but card stock works BEST!

You’ll need markers to cover the squares in your game of valentine bingo and scraps of paper work in a pinch. You can also splurge and use conversation hearts, Hershey kisses, or M&Ms.

OMG!!!!! http://www.mrsprindables.com  has the BEST chocolate/ Carmel apples EVER!!! 

They’ve got other yummy gourmet candy apples… and lots of other sweets!!! Very nice decorative baskets … not only for Valentine’s Day… but other holidays, birthdays… and special occasions to CELEBRATE!!!!🎉

Phone number: 847-588-2900

Toll free number: 888-215-1100

Fax number: 847-588-0392

Hours of Operation: Open 7 Days/Week 

For a limited time… you can get 20% off your gourmet candy apple order with the code LUV20

Mmmm!!!  Now you KNOW… you gotta keep CANDY HANDY!!!

Godiva,  Sees, Brachs, Dove, Fanny Mae’s, Hershey’s, Mars, Cadbury, and Lindt, Hawaiian Host, Ghirardelli all produce TOP Quality 🍫Chocolate candies!!! 

Of course…these are Personal FAVORITES of mine… (and you must know…I am TRULY … a chocolate expert! 😉 ) 

If you’re in San Francisco…. plan a stop at Ghirardelli Square!!!!

 Your heart ❤️ will melt…. with so many tasty things to choose from…. May I recommend their FUDGE!!! 🤗

… 😎 to help you SEE through a 💕 Love 💕 so BRIGHT!”

☝🏽These are for being “stylish” 👍🏽great sunglasses and eye wear are also available on line… at http://www.coastal.com

🤔 Can’t forget…



Make special arrangements... with these ~Beautiful~ deals… Go to:






Ladies love unique necklaces, earrings… and other dainty things! See On trend jewelry to light up your life! Check out:


http://www.Onecklace.com  also has an exquisite Collection… designed with that special someone in mind…

Time to Shine!!!

Presenting  some of my “Sparkly” Favorite things!!!
Oooo…. pillows…

✨Sparkly✨ candle holders from Party City! 

http://www.seedling.com has these cool sparkly  lights!!! They’re called GALAXY GLOW LAMPS!!!!  They’re small… but they bring BIG color! Very reasonable too…LESS than $10.00 #Wow!!!!

Sparkles GLOW on…. and on!!!!

At Night… they shine so bright!!!!🌈 #PsychodelicPretty !!! Take a look!👇🏾

In my velvety Announcer Voice: 🎙 ” For that Grr-oOo-vy kinda love……”

Kate spade.com and Gucci…have some FABULOUS “sparkly” tennis shoes!!!!

For MEN diamond cuff links…tie pins…

Ladies….  necklaces…earrings…

***Rings!!! 💍*** ***watches!!!***

***tennis bracelets!!!***

 Ok… –ANYTHING– with this precious stone!!! Got the picture! Alrighty then…👊🏽 #ShineOn! 

After all…. “DIAMONDS” are a girls BEST FRIEND!!!! They can shine true for you…. for a lifetime!!!

#CutiePatooties!!!!! 💜💕💚💕💛

Colorful, Stuffed bears…and other collectibles are popular with sweet souls… of ALL AGES!

Soooo… soft & cuddly!!!

*******And Now….Great things just for Him! *******

No bows, no ribbons, no fluff. Just manly valentines gifts for men. Valentine’s Day Crates filled with all the things your guy will LOVE!

Retro Games, Retro Candies, Beer Lovers, Spicy Jerky Grams, Bacon Crates, Pipe Carving kits, Knife Carving kits and MORE! http://www.mancrates.com
Personalized Boxer Shorts are available on eBay!

A steak dinner is a great gift! So why not send your guy Omaha Steak in the mail…. and he can cook it whenever he wants! ALL the meat his heart ❤️ desires.  

Filet Mignon, $49, Omaha Steaks 

See more at:

Mama Mia!!!! “He” or “She” and  all of “them” in your crew… can eat their “hearts out” with Chicago’s finest pizza pies!!!

Yes!!!! Real HEART SHAPED pizza’s you can order… have delivered (rush mail!)  and pop right into the oven! So zesty flavor-ful… and rich! 

(Worth every cent!!!)

Don’t forget to make time…. to grab a nice bottle of wine…..

and for dessert… “Sprinkles” cupcakes for a magical treat… that’s yummy & sweet! 

Now it’s time to pamper yourself…Luxuriate! Smell GREAT!!! 

Speciality shops like Bath & Body Works…. 

and L’Occitane…. have select lotions… and potions to heighten the senses–You can’t go wrong with a nice fragrance for that special MAN or WOMAN in your life!  

I’ve discovered some wonderful soaps, body scrubs, body sprays, lip balms and hand sanitizers… in both of these shops…

Here to deliver premium watches without the elitism of the luxury watch market, MVMT makes timepieces that will set a new standard of style. 

Crafted from leather and stainless steel with Quartz analog movement, the MVMT watches are more than average. With a variety of different colorways to choose from, these exude class without breaking the bank.
Starting at $95.00 

Go to MVMTWatches.com

How about a Personal Creations Exclusive!
Bring back memories of romantic walks on the beach when you surprise your sweetheart with this lovely print. 

Get it personalize it by “drawing” your 2 names into a heart in the sand, up to 9 characters each name, joined by a “+” sign and a 2 digit month, date, and year.

The date appears on the lower, outer right side of the heart.

The “+” will automatically appear. Please only enter two names of your choosing.

The print comes framed under glass in our 16” square black wood frame. Weighs 1.70 lbs.

Here are a few more “natural” expressions of LOVE 💓that you can personalize… 

Order at http://www.personalcreations.com

For Singles…. looking for Love…💘in the California Bay Area…. #Newsflash!!!

E-Harmony & Match.com are hosting FREE communications weekends… ***Note: That’s all well and good… but you can’t really see any good pictures… or send more personal messages until you subscribe…… 😶 

To this very day– I still say the BEST way to meet a quality person… is through FRIENDS!!!! 

Somebody can host a party… old fashioned get together… house parties… do people still do these that much anymore???? 🤔


(married couples/friends) and other “attached sweethearts” 💞 INVITE all these wonderfuldecent, respectable, EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE... and sane (((SINGLE))) individuals…to this party/get together/ social soirée …. and signal the “spirit” of Cupid.

 and LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY!!!! #Boom! ☄️ I said it… YesSsSsss I did❣️

Meanwhile…. 🎤 Singing: 🎶 ” “Goin’ back to 🎶Cali…Cali…” 🌴

Last year…400 singles attended the Valentine ❤️ Ball at San Francisco’s most famous hotel! 

Don’t be afraid to dress up for The Fairmont’s spectacular Terrace Ballroom. 

$15/advance (by Feb 10) or $25/door includes dancing to your favorite hits with one of our top DJs.

Adults of all ages welcome. Saturday, February 11, 2017, 8pm-Midnight.
LOCATION: The Fairmont, atop Nob Hill, 950 Mason Street at California, San Francisco CA.
But wait…. there are MORE SINGLES PARTIES!!!
Valentine Mixer, Feb 12, Novato

Presidents Holiday Party, Feb 19, San Jose

Single Mingle, Feb 23, Sausalito

Bay Area Singles Convention, March 4, San Francisco

Let go… and Let Love! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

~Evette Dabney, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Sparkle-“E” Entertainment & Promotions

http://www.sparkle-e.com 💎

Evette is an EMMY nominated TV news talent…AVAILABLE for free-lance writing, hosting, theatrical roles and voice-over WORK!!!!

Let “Sparkle-E” 💎 promote YOU!  ~Your BUSINESS, ORGANIZATION or SPECIAL EVENT…. in aggressive marketing efforts, and SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS❗️

For TALENT Bookings/Auditions for EVETTE DABNEY/ SAG-AFTRA  

Contact via e-mail information included at http://www.sparkle-e.com or at ceo.sparkle.e@gmail.com

You can follow Evette on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & YOUTUBE @evettedabney


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